The Prisons Memory Archive
Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI)

The Prisons Memory Archive is an inclusive collection of walk-and-talk recordings with those who had connections with Armagh Gaol, which mainly housed female prisoners, and the Maze and Long Kesh prison that housed male prisoners during the conflict in and about Northern Ireland / the North of Ireland.

Participants in the project – including former prisoners, prison officers, chaplains, visitors, journalists and educators – revisited the prison sites in 2006 and 2007. They were invited to recount their experiences there using the oral history tradition of life-storytelling and the materiality of the sites to stimulate their memories.

The full PMA collection is housed at the Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI), and on the dedicated website you will find selected extracts and full recordings, as well as shorts and feature films aimed towards educational use.

The PMA Advisory Group, made up of participants from the archive, as well as representatives from PRONI and Queens University Belfast, takes responsibility for requests for use of the archive, e.g. research. For further information and enquiries, please email