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      Adrian Roche

      Hi Everyone,

      We have received an enquiry from the archivist at IBVM (Loreto), Institute & Irish Province Archives with regard to digitising micro cassettes and regular cassette tapes – see details below.

      If anyone can help with any advice, you are welcome to get in touch with her directly. It would also be great if you can share your info with us here on the forum with the other members.

      Many thanks,


      I am the Institute (Central) Archivist with the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto) Sisters, based in Dublin.
      There is a small collection of 8 micro-cassette tapes and 6 compact cassette tapes, containing oral history recordings with deceased Sisters, which I am interested in digitising and preserving.
      It is not possible for me to undertake this task in-house, and I wonder if the Oral History Network members have any experience in using external suppliers for digitisation of microcassettes or other analogue audio material?
      I’d greatly appreciate any advice that they wish to share on the topic?
      Kindest Regards,
      Áine Mc Hugh,
      IBVM (Loreto), Institute & Irish Province Archives,
      55 St Stephen’s Green,
      Dublin 2

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