Research Ethics Committees and Oral History Research

Research Ethics Committees and Oral History Research

Friday 12 June 2015, 9.30am

(Please note change of venue)

Room A3106, The Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

This half-day workshop will explore the processes involved in getting research ethics committee approval for oral history projects based within third level institutions. Anecdotally at least, it appears that research ethics committees have concerns and some reluctance when granting permission for projects that have as their end result fully identifiable recordings that are stored in archives and made available for the use of future researchers and other interested parties.

This workshop aims to provide an initial forum that will identify and discuss the issues and concerns identified by both researchers and members of research ethics committees. It is hoped that it will act as a first step in a longer-term aim of opening up a dialogue between OHNI and research ethics committees around the country. We have assembled a panel from across the spectrum of research ethics experiences for this event. We are delighted to welcome Dr Joan Tiernan, Chair Human Research Ethics Committee – Humanities, UCD; Dr Ronan Foley, Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee, Maynooth University & Director, Oral History Network of Ireland; and Sara Goek, PhD candidate in History / Digital Arts & Humanities, University College Cork.

We hope that this will be a participant-led workshop, so if you have experience of these applications and have an issue you would like to raise, please let us know in advance by contacting us at While this event will be focussed on oral history methodologies, we would be delighted to welcome researchers engaged in broader interview-based research across the humanities and social sciences who would bring an inter-disciplinary perspective to the workshop.

Advance booking is required and can be paid below via Paypal or by credit card. Registration Fee for the event is €10 members / €15 non-members. 

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