New Website – Oral History @ UCC

This past autumn a new digital archive was created in conjunction with the first oral history class offered by the School of History at University College Cork (UCC).  It introduced a range of thematic topics and each student proposed an individual research project, conducted the interviews, and then wrote essays.

The students in the Oral History module also participated in creating an online archive of their interviews, Oral History @ UCC, which can now be seen at

The website is being officially launched today, March 6, by Dr. Clíona O’Carroll, lecturer with Béaloideas/Folklore and Ethnology at UCC, and research director with the community-based Cork Folklore Project. Full details can be found on the attached poster.

These items reflect the students’ individual interests, backgrounds, families, and communities. The purpose of this resource is to give history back to the people and communities whose voices are heard here. Oral history in Ireland is still developing, and has enormous potential to democratize the study of the past, bringing together students, teachers, local historians, academics, and members of the public.

History open day poster – UCC