‘Moments in Oral History’

Call for Contributions:

Moments in Oral History: our own experience’

practitioner panels

Making Connections: Oral History and Community

12 – 13th September 2014, Kilkenny City


Have you carried out Oral History interviewing or been involved in an Oral History project? If so, you may be interested in contributing to the series of panels entitled ‘Moments in Oral History’, where some practitioners’ experiences will be explored in a series of 10-minute presentations. Panellists will present a short ‘snapshot’ of particular experiences or themes: a moment that stands out for them, the surprises they encountered, or the lessons they have through the process. Our emphasis is on people interviewing in a community rather than an academic context.

Your contribution can include any theme: the person or interview that changed your whole outlook, a moment of interaction that moved you, an illustration of what Oral History is all about for you, an example of a mistake from which you learned or any one observation that you would like to share with other practitioners. As presentation time is short, we will ask you to send a short description of the particular project in question in advance: the audience will be able to read this from the screen or paper, giving you time to talk about your moment without having to fill in the background.

If you are interested in contributing to these panels, please email Clíona O’Carroll at before Wednesday 30th July 2014 at 5pm, with ‘Moments in Oral History’ as the email title and including your name, your email address and a contact phone number, your Oral History group affiliation if any, and a description of your topic or ‘moment’ of not more than 250 words. If you are interested but haven’t thought of one particular moment, or if you have many and would like help in choosing one, please do get in contact and we can discuss possibilities.