There are many books based on oral history and you will find a list of some of them, and other useful references, on the Advice page under Recommended Reading.


One of the most important of our objectives is to ensure that our oral heritage and histories are passed on safely to younger generations and preserved for the future.


The Oral History Network Ireland advocates and advises on best practice in the various stages of preparing interviews for public dissemination. See the Advice page.


Members of the Oral History Network Ireland are involved in collecting stories for projects throughout the country. Follow the links on the Projects page and listen to the recordings of presentations at our annual conferences.


Join the Oral History Network Ireland and take part in the Members' forum where we can communicate the latest developments in recording technology, share experiences of working on projects and discuss new publications based on interviews.

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‘Making Memories’ Project at Antrim Area Hospital

In 2007, an Oral History Service began at the Macmillan Unit for Palliative Care in Sheffield.¬† The aim of the programme¬†is …

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December 03, 2013
Oral History in Museums is Under Attack (but at least their Museums HAVE Oral Historians…)

The following is an article from the Museums Association’s ‘Museums Journal’ (UK) and raises some interesting questions, particularly in the context …

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December 03, 2013
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